Property Management in Windermere, FL, for Property Owners

Woman Providing Property Management in Windermere, FL, to CoupleJust Villas is established in vacation home marketing, reservations, and property management in Windermere, FL, offering full property management support to our homeowners and guests. We have over 25 years of experience internationally and boast over 18 years of excellent service in the Central Florida area.

As a property management company, Just Villas can provide the following services for your vacation home:

  • Secure registration with the State of Florida Sales tax authorities.
  • Obtain a hotel / motel lodging license, and provide renewals annually.
  • Arrange for the installation of an authorized fire extinguisher and locking devices for all external doors.
  • Arrange for the installation of smoke detectors required by the licensing authorities.
  • Arrange for all the relevant deposits to be made to the utility companies, for power, water, telephone, cable TV and WIFI.
  • Advise on the furnishing and equipping of your property so as to ensure that it is appraised for the rental market.
  • Carry out a builders walk through of your property prior to the completion of its purchase.

Just Villas Offers a Range of Management Services to Suit Your Needs

Some of our vacation villas owners like every aspect of their home taken care of while others just want a friendly, trustworthy and reliable service as a back up when the need arises. So whatever your needs contact us anytime and we will gladly discuss them with you.

Our property management services ensure that your home or holiday rentals are properly maintained and ready for use by yourself, family, friends, and guests at any time.

Caretaker Service:
For Owners who prefer not to rent out their homes but want a local point of contact and people to checking on their home.

Partial Management:
For Owners who rent just to people they know but require some services and local assistance.

Full Management:
For Owners who require lots of services like rental bookings, pest control, pool care, lawn care, housekeeping, taxes, licensing, paying of bills, etc.

Owners that Require Rentals

Just Villas will add the vacation rentals property free of charge to the Just Villas website! Owners will receive monthly statements. These amounts are generally deducted from your rental receipts, and the balance is paid to you as requested.

When Guests Arrive

Just Villas are your frontline representation, ensuring that any problems or difficulties your guests may have are rectified as soon as possible. Guests have access to our local numbers so that Just Villas can have someone on the scene to deal with their problems and ensure they have a great vacation.

At Departure

Just Villas will check your home after each departure for any damage, correcting minor problems and reporting any larger issues, this allows you to charge your guests security deposit and refund the balance. Just Villas ensures that all homes are thoroughly cleaned and minor damage rectified.

The Buck Stops With Us!

We make sure that our homes are kept up to the highest standard for you and your guests, we believe that "The buck stops here".

Domestic and International Experience

Just Villas offers a wide range of vacation homes to both international and domestic markets worldwide.
We have booking agents in the United Kingdom, Ireland, North America, Canada, Germany and South America.
They are backed by our friendly and very knowledgeable in-house administration and reservations team with the qualifications and experience to set the stage for an outstanding vacation experience for our guests. The team is well trained and very knowledgeable about every single property we represent.

They are very friendly, professional and extremely helpful when assisting guests with their vacation plans.
We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and have provided accommodation to thousands of guests in our 18 years serving the Central Florida Hospitality Industry.

We Look Forward to Hearing From You

If you would like more information on any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to provide you with prices and references and any other information that you require.

Just villas also offers Real Estate services, for more information call us at 1-877-852-7346, or take a look at our Real Estate page.