Harry Potter Magic!

Our whole family had the best time imaginable at the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios!

When we walked in to the world of Harry Potter,  I just could not believe it was real! We saw the Hogwarts Express train right when we walked in, and Honeydukes and Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes! I did not know where to go first but then decided that we must go straight to the Forbidden Journey at Hogwarts castle!

The BEST RIDE EVER! You feel like you are really living the adventures of Harry Potter and it is SCARY and FUN!

Next we needed refreshments and so went to Hog’s Head for some BUTTERBEER! Wow that stuff is really sweet and GOOD!

I don’t want to spoil it for everyone, but you will be AMAZED at the rides, and the shops and I got Hermione’s wand at Olivanders and it was AWESOME!

We spent the whole day there and I was sooooo tired at the end but what an amazing day! I just had to experience everything that was there, because I’m such a huge Potter fan!

We had a great time in Orlando, but Harry Potter was definitely the best!

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